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This year will be like no other

when girls take niggas hats




Inside the Shah Cheragh Mosque in Shiraz, Iran

I’ve reblogged this so many times and I’ll keep reblogging it because man, just look at this beauty

one day.

COMME des GARÇONS F/w 2007

"We adore those who ignore us, and ignore those who adore us."

Baby Tiger | by: [Sofía Andrade]
World Peace

Since I could grasp the concept, I’ve always wanted to change the world; most people do. when I was younger, what I failed to understand is everyone lives in their own world; everyone perceives this rock we live on a little differently. Reality is a product of the mind. Therefore, externally changing the world was simply a fantasy I hadn’t yet realized was implausible, however to change each and every person’s individual world for the better, that was a goal that could certainly be reached. Collective world peace is attainable, and anyone who says different is only impeding the process of getting there, but it will never come until everyone ,first, finds peace within themselves. At the end of the day, we’re just looking at our reflections our whole life. However, as far as changing the world goes, If I never get around to changing 1,000,000,000 lives for the better then to change at least 1 still validates my existence.

We live for eachother.

"Just remember you aren’t the only one with problems"